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Bazzarify is the foremost public limited subsidiary company in Nepal founded by the saptkoshi group to digitize the Nepalese market. We are a well-managed, digital-friendly e-commerce platform where we aim to assist millions of people with innovative ideas to create a brand, tell their stories, and transact with their customers online - powerfully and beautifully. We believe every dispersed business and service should be integrated into a single large platform, allowing them to work digitally and independently to expand their reach and objectives.

Bazzarify brings you millions of products in more than 20 different major categories followed by 100 categories and 1000s of subcategories to enable our buyers to purchase everything under a single marketplace. Buyers for these products, for now, are situated in all 77 districts of Nepal that exchange thousands of messages every day on the Bazzarify platform. However, this does not mean we will only serve buyers and suppliers in Nepal. Our plan is to cater to a global audience which in return would boost the selling capacity of our local vendors and suppliers. Bazzarify is bringing in products from global market to satisfy your worldwide business and individual necessities. We are going to provide a world-class platform where you can find both Businesses to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumers (B2C) services.

Most significantly, Bazzarify is a leading company to digitize the Wholesale and Retail Trading Sector of Nepal. It is a great platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to become economically and commercially independent. It helps SMEs to transform their business into e-commerce and support them to stand out in the mainstream of the nation’s economy. We promise to provide all types of support, tools, and business resolutions to grow online to SMEs when required.

MISSION - "We aim to simplify business by working anywhere, and at any time".
Bazzarify also aims to digitize Nepalese financial and commercial sector and provide highly efficient fin-tech solutions. Together we are committed to bring full-fledged ERP, and SAAS application, which aid businesses to grow and achieve their goals with easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions. We want to connect SMEs and their consumers in such an easy way where both parties will be in a win-win situation.

We will constantly focus on increasing the expectations of our customers by utilizing the web and technology to help customers find, and purchase anything they want, and empower SMEs to expand their prosperity by providing the necessary tools to reach the targeted global consumers and market.

We believe this mission is significant for Nepal on the grounds that digital strengthening for consumers and SMEs will improve the quality of life of individuals while making us strong enough to be contributing on the global economy.

VISION - "Digital Nepal"
We wish to see Nepal go fully digital where businesses, individuals, and the government will be using digital technologies for their everyday works.

As a platform, we will be providing optimum services, ideas, and inventions to support SMEs for their scientific growth. We will be focused on researching new avenues and opportunities for the businesses as well.

Regardless of whether it’s sourcing from your cell phone or reaching suppliers in their native language, Bazzarify is always there for all your worldwide business needs.

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